Our Advantage

Have you ever felt ignored or been treated as if you are just another name on a long list of customers? Whether you’ve experienced this with an accountant, attorney, broker, or insurance agent, it may have left you feeling as though you aren’t valued. At JML Financial Group, we understand how important loyalty and trust is in a relationship.

When you entrust us to help you pursue your financial goals, we do not take this responsibility lightly. You have worked hard to build your wealth and we want to help ensure it works hard for you in return. Our mission is to help you feel confident in your alliance with us and that you are receiving personal attention. As a result, we work hard to offer clients impeccable service and a number of benefits, including:

Proactive and Uncommon Solutions

We offer uncommon financial solutions, transforming areas of inefficiency into maximum productivity. We believe in being proactive and anticipating challenges and opportunities, as we have seen that common, reactive strategies do not work as well.

A Client-Centerd Focus

We work for you and only you - not a parent company, bank, financial product manufacturer, or brand employer. As an independent firm, we aren’t tied to one product or have any conflicts of interest. Instead, we make objective recommendations based on each client’s unique needs and individual situation.

Ongoing Education

It’s critical for clients to not let emotions drive their financial or investment decisions. We believe that the more knowledge a client has, the less likely they’ll be to make mistakes or emotional decisions. We offer workshops throughout the year covering a number of financial topics, including succession planning, business exit planning, women empowerment, Medicare planning, and more.

Long-term and Ongoing Monitoring

We don’t simply create a strategy and show you out the door. It’s important to stay financially independent after having worked hard to build and manage your assets. We want to help you preserve your wealth not just for the next five years, but for the rest of your life.  Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive program that helps to grow and preserve your assets. We aren’t tied to one product or service.

Close Relationships

We strive to build long lasting relationships with clients based on trust. The products and investment accounts aren’t the assets; it’s the people. We treat our clients like family and always respond to their requests in a timely manner and explain complicated money issues in simplified terms.