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JML Financial Group - Cherry Hill, NJ


Individuals & Professionals

At JML Financial Group, our individual clients include couples, families, and working professionals, many of whom are the medical and accounting industries. Wherever they are in life or their career, many face similar concerns: accumulating, protecting, and preserving wealth to ensure it lasts through retirement and allows them to leave a legacy.

For clients who are growing and building their careers or families, many are looking for strategies that can help them simultaneously build and protect their wealth. We can assist with a number of needs, from cash flow analysis to college planning to building a diversified portfolio. We can help coordinate the numerous protection elements into one strategy, from life insurance to wills and more.

As clients approach and prepare to transition into retirement, many are largely concerned with preserving their wealth and making it last. Shifting from receiving a consistent income to relying on accumulated assets can have a significant impact on one’s lifestyle. Focusing on asset distribution planning, we can help clients through this significant life transition, offering advice on 401(k) rollovers, assisting with estate planning, Medicare planning, and developing strategies for creating a consistent stream of income.

Wherever clients may be in their life, we can provide objective advice and honest guidance, working alongside them for the long-term.