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Who We Are
It's about time someone brought useful, cutting edge, understandable financial information to the community. Joe & Traci do this effortlessly, leaving audiences enlightened and empowered to start taking control of their money.

Joe Yocavitch & Traci Kelly are local media resources. They are radio and TV regulars, authors, teachers and bloggers. Often available to the media to speak about:

  • Finance, Retirement Planning, and Investments
  • Insurance
  • Entrepreneurship

President Joe Yocavitch, is the author of “Dirty Filthy Lies My Broker Taught Me” and “101 Truths About Money and Investing” among other various articles and CD’s. Traci and Joe have a financial talk radio show on 92.1 FM and a television financial commentary on WMCN. They are regular community speakers and media resources.

About The Main Street Money Hosts

Coaching is different from financial advice. How? By not only helping you to find the right strategies, but empowering you to stay on track with your decisions and behaviors regarding your financial world. As a coach, we take an educational approach – because knowledge is power.

Joe speaks all over the country regarding investment and financial solutions. He is sought after for his uncommon, yet academically proven, insights on money.

Traci’s specialty is speaking to the unique financial needs of women. Her belief in a healthy relationship with money, empowerment to take action & sound financial education, is the key to success.

Speaking, Hosting & Media Requests:

Searching for a little uncommon financial information?

We believe becoming financially educated is the first step toward achieving financial success. We are passionate about educating & empowering the community about money. We do this by speaking for various groups, organizations & the media.

Joe Yocavitch & Traci Kelly are available for speaking engagements, media interviews (print, radio, video & web), and appropriate media appearances. They are also available to speak for qualifying organizations or events.

Joe & Traci are committed to providing the most up to date, critical information on all things surrounding money and entrepreneurship, and are happy to customize specific content to fit an audience's needs. (We are told it's quite entertaining too!)

Please call to book us as speakers: (856) 751-1771